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About Smiths Taxi's

We are a family based firm who have operated in the Malvern area since 1993, giving us over twenty years experence within the Taxi & Private hire spheres.

We work for several local schools, businesses and Worcestershire County Council, therefore we have considerable experience in the conveyance of unaccompanied minors. Our aim is to provide a comfortable, reliable service to all our clients, our staff of 11 drivers, including a female driver, and 3 base operators are happy to help with any special requirements or needs. Among the features available in our fleet of seven cars are two Vauxhall Insignia hatch backs and five, six seater, Vauxhall Zafira MPVs. All our cars are air conditioned for your comfort. As well as providing corporate accounts, we can also provide local accounts, ideally suited to older people whose relatives do not live locally. Ask us for details. All our drivers are accredited by Malvern Hills District Council, and as such, have regular medical and enhanced Criminal Record Bureau (DBS) Checks.


Example Local Fares
Location Fare
Cheltenham £55.00
Hereford £45.00
Worcester £25.00
Worcester Hospital £30.00
Ledbury £22.00
Upton Upon Severn £18.00
Bromyard £32.00
Droitwich £40.00
Pershore £36.00
Tewkesbury £40.00
Gloucester £50.00
Evesham £50.00
Kidderminster £55.00
Example Distance Fares
Location Tariff 1 Tariff 2
Central London £245.00 £280.00
East London £275.00 £300.00
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These example fares assume a pick up point within Malvern and apply to tariff 1 journeys only.
As our Hackney cabs are metered there may be discrepancies in these prices due to actual pick up, set down points and traffic conditions

Distance Fares
These are for guidance only please contact us for a quote for your journey

If your journey is either to or from an airport click here

Fare Calculator

Tariff 1 applies to 7:00 am to midnight
Tariff 2 applies to Midnight to 7:00am
including the 24 hour periods on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and Bank Holidays
Tariff 3 applies to Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

Tariff Rates

Tariff 1 £4.00 for the first mile and then there after £2.40 per mile
Tariff 2 £6.00 for the first mile and then there after £3.60 per mile
Tariff 3 £8.00 for the first mile and then there after £4.80 per mile

our Pricing

Airport Journeys


We offer both journeys to and from most domestic airports, whether you are arriving or departing we have you covered


Our Services

Airport Tariff 1 Tariff 2
Birmingham £85.00 £115.00
Bristol £115.00 £140.00
East Midlands £130.00 £150.00
Gatwick £240.00 £280.00
Heathrow £190.00 £220.00
Manchester £195.00 £225.00

Tariff 1 applies between 7:00am ~ Midnight
Tariff 2 applies between Midinght ~ 7:00am

London congestion charge is NOT included and will be charged extra as applicable

Waiting Time for delayed return flights will be charged at £20.00 per hour, we appreciate this may be out of your control and therefore include one hour waiting time free of charge.
If you are aware of any flight delay please contact us as soon as you can to avoid further costs

The above prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate, on request a VAT reciept can be supplied.

The above prices assume a Pick Up or Drop Off from within the Malvern Town bounderies, if your journey starts or finishes from some where other than this please contact us for a quote